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About Us | ChatterBox Official Site

ChatterBox invented the original helmet communicator back in the 1970s and has been a brand built for riders ever since.


Maxon America purchased ChatterBox USA in late 2021 and is supporting all of its customers from our offices in Lenexa, Kansas. Maxon has been in the 2-Way radio business for several decades and we look forward to bringing our technical expertise, our personal riding experiences, and world-class service to ChatterBox USA and its customers.


We aim to provide our customers with powerful and reliable products & systems that contain state-of-the-art design and technology. Each product in our line-up offers unique features and benefits, and is built to meet our exact standards. All of our communicators feature crystal-clear reception, best-in-class range, portability, and competitive pricing. ChatterBox communications systems are designed with interchangeable components and upgrades in mind, so that our customers can grow with us. We pride ourselves on our rigorous testing protocols and our outstanding customer service. Each unit has been put through many hours of testing by our highly trained staff and top professional riders, and we are proud to also have them be an integral part of our product development process.


Maxon has been partners with the Chatterbox USA factory on other communication products for many years already and we look forward to growing and developing newer and better ChatterBox products for our riders in the near future.


We are now accepting ChatterBox warranty repairs. Please contact us at for an RMA# before sending any equipment to us.