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Extended range products are the most powerful communicators with their maximum range of 5 miles. Combined with sophisticated features, we offer the most versatile and advanced products on the market. The X1slim is equipped with Bluetooth features for mobile phones and audio source connection. It comes with a wired Push-to-talk button for easy transmission and It has full duplex wired intercom capability for rider to passenger communication (headset and extension cable for the passenger sold separately). The X1slim also comes with Hi-Fidelity speakers and noise-suppression microphones. It is powered by high capacity, built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that lasts for up to more than 8-10 hours of use and 20 hours of standby.


Bike to bike communication

  • Intended Users: Single users or Large Group
  • Maximum range of communication: 5 Miles
  • Maximum number of users in communication: Unlimited
  • Communication method: Two Way
  • Compatible devices: X1slim, X1BT, X1, X2

Rider to passenger communication

  • Share bike to bike communication with rider
  • Share music with rider (wired)

Bluetooth features with remote control (AVRCP)

  • Wirelessly answer phone calls
  • Wirelessly listen to your music
  • Wirelessly listen to navigation voice direction
  • Remote control (AVRCP)

FM Radio feature: YES

General Features

  • Battery: Rechargable Li-Ion
  • Water resistance casing


MSRP: $349.99

  • Universal Headset Kit: CBX1SLIMKIT
  • USB Charger
  • Rechargable Li-Ion
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Manual

  • Universal Headset: CBX1SLIMUHS (59.99)
  • Universal headset with 3.5MM connector (No Speakers, No microphone): CBX1SLIMUHS35(14.99)
  • Universal headset with 3.5MM connector for Half Helmet (No Speakers, Open face microphone): CBX1SLIMUHS35HH(34.99)
  • Headset Extension cord (for Passenger): CBX1SLIMHSEX (14.99)
  • USB Charger: CBX1SLIMCHRG (19.99)
  • Mounting bracket: CBX1SLIMMB (19.95)
  • Wired PTTB: CBPTTB (15.99)
  • Wireless PTTB: CBX1SLIMPTTB (59.99)
  • Velcro and Foam Kit: CBX1SLIMUVF (14.95)
  • USB Power filter cord: CBUSBPREX (19.99)
  • USB Splitter: CBUSBSPLIT (9.99)
  • Tank Bag for Smartphone: CBTANKBAG (29.99)
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