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The Limited range models are ideal for riders who only ride with one other person or alone. The XBi model uses binary CDMA technology to communicate full duplex (conference call style) to another XBi. It is suggested for this model to be used as a rider to passenger on the same bike intercom. As the range is limited to 15 feet max. The XBi features Bluetooth which allows you to pair with up to two accessory devices (cell phone, GPS, mp3/iPOD) at the same time. You and your passenger can either listen to your own music device or share one music device between the two of you. When riding alone you can still be in touch by having your cell phone and/or music device paired. This model is deal for the rider who commutes on a daily basis. Available in either full or open face depending on your helmet style. The XBi kit includes the following: Unit, noise suppression Hi-Fidelity headset, factory installed Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, mounting hardware, wall charger and users manual.


Bike to bike communication

  • Intended Users: Single users or Two users
  • Maximum range of communication: 100 yards
  • Maximum number of users in communication: 2
  • Communication method: Full duplex
  • Compatible devices: Duo

Rider to passenger communication

  • Need a separate unit for passenger

Bluetooth features with remote control (AVRCP)

  • Wirelessly answer phone calls
  • Wirelessly listen to your music
  • Wirelessly listen to navigation voice direction
  • Remote control (AVRCP)

General Features

  • Battery: Rechargable Li-Poly
  • Water resistance casing


MSRP: $119.99

  • Universal Headset Kit (full face only): CBDUOKIT
  • Universal headset DUO includes: Full face microphone only: CBDUOHS
  • USB Charger
  • Rechargable Li-Poly
  • Mounting Bracket

  • Universal headset DUO includes: Full face microphone only: CBDUOHS (29.99)
  • Open Face Microphone Only: CBDUOUHSMIC(8.99)
  • Universal headset with 3.5MM connector (No Speakers, No microphone): CBDUOUHS35(9.99)
  • USB Charger: CBDUOCHRG (14.99)
  • Mounting bracket: CBDUOMB (9.99)
  • Velcro and Foam Kit:CBDUOUVF (9.99)
  • USB Power filter cord: CBUSBPREX (19.95)
  • USB Splitter: CBUSBSPLIT (9.99)
  • Tank Bag for Smartphone: CBTANKBAG (29.99)
  • Universal Audio cord: CBAUDO (9.99)
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